Questions around MYDRY underarm pads

 What are underarm pads?

Underarm pads are the practical helpers to protect your clothing from sweat and deodorant. Underarm pads are glued in t-shirts, shirts or sweaters and absorb the excessive perspiration effectively. This will prevent annoying and unpleasant sweat spots, white deodorant spots and yellowish perspiration on your favorite clothing. Qualitative differences are particularly noticeable in the areas of application, wearing comfort, skin compatibility and adhesive strength.

Where can I buy MYDRY underarm pads?

We are continually striving to provide you with a reference opportunity in your area. In Germany our underarm pads are available at Edeka Südwest, Rossmann, dm-drogerie markets, Müller, Douglas Internet and in many Douglas perfumeries. In Austria, we have two very strong partners for you with the BIPA and with dm. In Switzerland you can buy the underarm pads at Müller. In many other countries you can buy our products from our national sales partner. Please write to us, with your country, at shop@mydry.de to get the appropriate contact.

What materials are used to produce MYDRY underarm pads?

Our MYDRY underarm pads consist exclusively of dermatologically tested materials. The top is made of an extra-soft non-woven, which removes the moisture and feeds the suction core. In order to avoid moisture penetration, a PE film is sealed underneath the suction core, which safely encloses the moisture.

Are the MYDRY underarm pads tested dermatologically?

We have thoroughly analyzed the MYDRY underarm pads and these have all completed the dermatological test and the examinations with the result “very good”. All tests carried out at Dermatest GmbH did not result in toxic-irritative intolerance or other symptoms.

Are the MYDRY underarm pads comfortable to wear?

Yes! If you do not believe this, you can also convince yourself with a MYDRY trial pack. In the development of the MYDRY underarm pads we have clearly focused on the high wearing comfort. The goal was to develop an underarm pad which performs inconspicuously in every living situation and offers the user a high degree of security. Our development department has succeeded in creating a pad which is to be worn inconspicuously, does not creak or rustle and secure in many kinds of textiles, but can nevertheless be removed residue-free and without material damage.

How are MYDRY underarm pads used correctly?

The application of the underarm pads is very easy:
1.) Open the MYDRY hygiene package at the pre-punched edge and pull the underarm pads off the silicone paper.
2.) In the next step, paste the MYDRY with the large area down into your outerwear.
3.) Firmly press the underarm pads so that they stick optimally to the intended location.
Tip # 1: The underarm pads can be easily detached from the lower “thick” end of the silicone paper.
Tip # 2: We advise the more untrained users to turn the garments on the left before.